The younger people are when they discover classical music, the longer it will be a part of their lives to enjoy. Introducing young people to classical music is a priority for the Stamford Symphony. Every year, there are programs and activities for families and kids of all ages.

“Thank you so much for performing the American Experience. I learned that it’s important to know all kinds of music and appreciate it.”
Natalie Rodriguez, fourth-grader at Springdale

“I love the Symphony! I especially liked how you went over the history and how you let us participate in clapping and singing ‘Yankee Doodle’.”
Anthony Rubino, fourth-grader at Toquam

“The Stamford Symphony rocks!”
Ishrat Saboor, fourth-grader at Springdale

“Dear Mr. Pete, I would like to thank you for teaching me about music. I have learned so much with you. I tell my mom that there’s an orchestra in Stamford. I tell her to buy tickets.”
Danny Ortiz, third-grader at Waterside School

“Thank you, Stamford Symphony, for all of the fun things you have done for us, especially when you brought in the instruments and we played to the beat. I hope we see you again.”
D’Andrea, third-grader from the Boys and Girls Club

Kids Come FREE on Sunday!

Tickets for the Stamford Symphony’s Sunday afternoon Orchestra Classics Series are free for anyone under 18 who is accompanied by a paying adult. Although all are welcome, we recommend our Exploring the Orchestra family concerts for children under six. Call Patron Services at 203 325 1407, ext. 10 to reserve free tickets.